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Three Springtime Dinner Recipes to Try


The Groves at Milford Blog, Milford, MA  Try new dinner recipes this month at your apartment. Enjoy roasted veggie collard wraps, fingerling potato salad, and chicken apricot skewers.


Spring brings with it the promise of more sunshine, which also means more fruits and vegetables are in season and popping up at our local supermarkets in here in Milford, MA. Because more local produce will be in season, and hopefully that much more in budget, there’s no better time to incorporate clean and greener ingredients into your day-to-day meals to make things both more healthy and flavorful. Below, we’ve highlighted a few different and creative ways to do just that for the residents of our apartments, The Groves at Milford.

Roasted Veggie Collard Wraps
Lettuce wraps are one thing, but collard wraps are much healthier for you — and probably a little more sturdy because of the density of the leaves. But don’t think that this dish is going to skimp on taste because it’s in favor of health. With roasted veggies like savory shiitake mushrooms, large carrots and beets, a good portion of brown rice and quinoa, and a remarkable miso mustard, you’ll definitely want to leave enough room for seconds.

This recipe for collard wraps with roasted veggies, quinoa, brown rice, and mustard miso from What’s Cookin Good Lookin makes three to four wraps in total, and also provides additional suggestions for ingredients you can swap out or add to the mix.

Fingerling Potato Salad
Most potato salads usually have mayonnaise in the mix. While everything in moderation is fine, this dish from culinary scientist Jessica Gavin serves as a great alternative that doesn’t neglect your taste buds in any way, shape, or form. With fingerling lemons and potatoes as the foundation coupled with a dijon mustard based dressing and parsley with microgreens on top for garnish, you won’t have much to complain about in this lemony taste sensation.

There’s a note at the end of the recipe that says if fingerling potatoes are not readily available in your supermarket, you can substitute red, purple, yellow, or white baby potatoes (or even a combination) to make the salad.

Chicken Apricot Skewers
The recipes above mostly call upon the powers of sovereign vegetables, but fruit is just as much a part of the spring-y spectrum as anything else. This chicken-apricot skewers recipe from Bon Appetit riffs on the sweet and savory combo by combining small and ripe apricots with juicy chicken cutlets. There’s even a spicy element with jalapenos that is smoothed out by coconut milk and lime juice, greek yogurt, garlic, and cilantro.

Which one of these recipes do you want to try this spring? Let us know how it turns out in the comments. Thanks for reading today’s post.