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On Writing Letters and Reviews

The Groves at Milford Blog, Milford, MA Apartments   Need to write a letter or a review? Today we have writing tips to help you create a credible, informative piece of writing.

Reading and writing go hand-in-hand. In previous editions of The Groves at Milford Blog, we’ve highlighted various aspects of reading with blogs about celebrating literacy and a summer reading challenge, and today we’re going to be taking a look at the art of writing letters. It’s important to be well rounded, right?


Whether you have been thinking about writing a review, writing a letter to a friend, or you need to create a cover letter or business letter, we’ve got some tips. So head to your favorite place in Milford, MA to get some cute note cards or stationery and settle down in your apartment to write some letters.


Writing a Review

In this day and age, reviews are the name of the game. Whether you are looking for the best pizza in town, a reliable mechanic, or a reasonably priced photographer for your next event, reviews are a helpful tool in the decision-making process.


When you are writing a review, be specific and fair. Stick to the facts, particularly if the review is pointing out shortcomings. There is no need to engage in name calling (which will actually weaken your review) while expressing frustration or disappointment. Express your disappointment and frustration, but be fair and acknowledge that your experience may not be the same as others. Describe what happened, how things were or were not resolved, and your overall satisfaction with the experience. If you are praising a place or product, again be specific about the details.


Writing to a Friend

Writing to a friend can be as simple as grabbing a pen and a paper and sharing your thoughts. It may help though to add some form to your letter. One good way to structure your letter is to begin with a salutation (typically what you normally call your friend, be that their full name or a nickname). After the salutation, tell your friend about what’s happening in your life. Follow that up with questions about what is happening with them. End with a paragraph about what you appreciate about your friend and include an invitation for your friend to write back. The wonderful thing about letters is that unlike a phone conversation or text, you can go back and read the letter for years to come. Make someone’s day and write to them soon.


Cover and Business Letters

You will want to fit your letter to your audience. A cover letter or business letter needs to be written in a different style, tone, and format than a letter to a friend or a casual acquaintance. We recommend checking out the Purdue Online Writing Lab for advice on Writing the Basic Business Letter. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a great article on Writing Cover Letters.


We hope these tips will be helpful the next time you want to write a letter or a  review. In fact, if you feel so inclined, stop on by and write a review for The Groves at Milford. Thanks for reading today’s post.