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Host an End-of-Summer Movie Marathon at The Groves at Milford


Little Red Riding Hood


Hosting a movie marathon at your apartment at The Groves at Milford Blog is the perfect way to end the summer. Today we have tips for everything you need to throw your own movie marathon sometime this month — snacks, comfort items, movie suggestions— we’ve got it all. Invite some friends over, choose your movies, and hold a movie marathon before the month is through!



A popcorn bar is a great way to serve all of your guests for movie night. Provide a cooler with drinks, a tub of popcorn, paper bags, and a variety of sugary snacks for your guests to enjoy. You can also leave out sauces, spices, and cheese for your guests to add to their popcorn for movie night. Have guests bring a variety of finger foods and desserts if you’d like something a little more substantial.


Drinks are important for any movie night! Make your own soda bar for your guests to enjoy while they watch. The Crafted Sparrow teaches you just how to put together your own soda bar and even make your own Cherry Coke float. Use your favorite brand of cherry ice cream, flavored syrups, cherries, and Coca-Cola to make this delicious movie snack. If you’re not a fan of cherries, make a Vanilla Coke float instead.



You’ll be sitting for a long time. Provide plenty of comfy pillows and blankets for your guests to use while you’re watching movies. Make sure that you have plenty of space in your The Groves at Milford living room for your guests to stretch out during the movie. Once the movie is over, give your friends a ten or twenty minute break to stretch their legs, go to the bathroom, and talk. This will help break up some of the monotony of watching four movies in a row.



Movie marathons often feature DC or Marvel Comics, Harry Potter, or Star Wars, and we’ve got some other suggestions. Choose your favorite actor (or director!) and watch a series of their movies on a lazy weekend. We think that having an Alfred Hitchcock or Audrey Hepburn movie marathon sounds like a great idea. We also like the idea of having your friends each bring a movie they want to watch and then watching those movies all in one day. Another option is to choose a genre and watch movies based on that. For example, if you were to choose a fairy-tale themed movie marathon, you could watch Enchanted, Into the Woods, and The Princess Bride. The point is to think outside the box — there are plenty of ways to throw the perfect movie marathon.

If a movie marathon at your apartment isn’t quite your cup of tea, may we suggest heading out to your favorite Milford, MA area theater and catching a movie on the big screen? To find out what is currently on the big screen (or coming soon), check out Movie Insider. Where is the best movie popcorn in town? What are you planning on going to?  Please feel free to share in the comments, and thanks for reading today’s post!